Department of Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Pharmacy (from 2010.) at the Faculty of Pharmacy was founded in 1992. under the name Institute, and then Institute of Pharmacokinetics. Since the introduction of this discipline to its independence, Pharmacokinetics existed within the Department of Pharmacology of Pharmacokinetics.

Otherwise, Pharmacokinetics as the discipline in the curriculum of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade, was introduced in year 1981/82., being a part of the subject Pharmacology with Pharmacokinetics. Lectures and practice of Pharmacokinetics were developed and for the first five generations of students performed by prof. dr Milena Pokrajac. The first textbook and handbook on the Pharmacokinetics in Serbian language, which has several editions to date, was written by prof. dr Milena Pokrajac. In school year 1985/86, Pharmacokinetics was introduced as a separate subject in the curriculum and for teaching assistant was chosen Branislava Miljković, now professor and head of the Department of Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Pharmacy. By increasing the amount of teaching, there was a need for new associates and at the Department in different time periods were employed pharmacists: Branka Brzakovic (1989-2001.), Aleksandra Galetin (1993-1998.), Ivan Kovacevic (1999-2003.), Anita Rakic ​​(2001-2004.), Marija Petronijevic (2005-2007.). Today, at the Department of Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Pharmacy are engaged: Branislava Miljković (from 1985.), Katarina Vučićević (from 2003.), Sandra Vezmar Kovačević (from 2007.), Bojana Golubović (from 2008.), Marija Jovanović (from 2009.), Milica Culafić (from 2010.) and Milena Kovačević (from 2012.). The rapid development and the importance of this discipline in the modern education of pharmacists led to its introduction not only in undergraduate, but also in postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade.

From the year 1988/89. the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade is the head of the postgraduate studies - MSc in Pharmacokinetics and medical specialization in Clinical Pharmacy.

In the year 2005/2006, after the introduction of the new study program, harmonized with the Bologna Declaration, curriculum of integrated academic and postgraduate studies is updated and adapted. In the study program of integrated academic studies were introduced mandatory subject of Clinical Pharmacy and elective Selected Chapters in Clinical Pharmacokinetics. Department of Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Pharmacy, is responsible for the maintenance of academic specialization module Pharmaceutical Care from the 2005/06. year. In school year 2006/07. were introduced PhD studies of Pharmacokinetics, which were in 2008/09. extended to PhD studies module Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Pharmacy.