General information

Head of Department: Full Professor, dr Valentina Marinković

The Department of Social Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Legislation conducts theoretical and practical classes within the integrated academic studies for the study programs Pharmacy and Pharmacy - Medical Biochemistry, doctoral academic studies module Social Pharmacy and research of pharmaceutical practice, specialist health studiesmodule Social Pharmacy and specialist academic studies in the modules Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing and Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical Legislation.

The Department of Social Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Legislation has been in the field of Social Pharmacy and Research in Pharmaceutical Practice at the University of Belgrade since 2006.

The teaching staff of the Department participates in domestic and international projects.

The department realizes scientific and professional cooperation with institutions in the country and abroad. 

Teachers and associates actively participate in the work of the Center for the Development of Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Practice, and with students actively participate in students' projects, especially in projects related to public health and ethics.