General information

Head of the Department: Full Professor dr sc. Radica Stepanović-Petrović

Since 2006, the Department of Pharmacology has been the main field of pharmacology at the University of Belgrade.

Areas of research work of professors and assistants of the Department of Pharmacology are: pain pharmacology, behavioral pharmacology, vascular pharmacology, neurochemistry and CNS metabolism, behavioral toxicology.

At the Department of Pharmacology, studies are conducted in integrated academic studies for programs Pharmacy and Pharmacy - Medical Biochemistry.In addition, studies are conducted in specialist academic studies - module Pharmacotherapy in pharmaceutical practice (lasting 3 semesters), in specialist health studies - module Pharmacotherapy (lasting 6 semesters) as well as in doctoral academic studies in the field of pharmacology - module of Pharmaceutical Science.

The Department of Pharmacology achieves scientific and professional cooperation with institutions in the country and abroad and successfully cooperates with the pharmaceutical industry. Teachers of the Department of Pharmacology prepare expert opinions related to pharmacological and toxicological documentation of drugs that are placed on the market in Serbia.

The Department of Pharmacology is involved in various extracurricular activities of students, engaged in conducting student research papers as well as organizes and participates in continuing education courses for pharmacists.