Teaching of organic chemistry at the Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine was established in 1939. The first teacher Djordje Stefanovic, who latter became professor of biochemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Belgrade, was succeed by dr Aleksandar Damanski, at that time, head of the Military Laboratory. Initially, experimental-laboratory teaching was carried out at Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Philosophy. After 1945 complete teaching was performed at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. In 1947, Kosovka Kostic, who graduated in 1940 with degree in chemistry, became teaching assistant. She was promoted in 1952, but left the faculty in 1954. Between 1946 and 1948 teaching was conducted at different locations, while in 1948 the Organic Chemistry Department moved to the Institute of Pathology, dr Subotic street, no 8. At that time Stanica Cetkovic worked as technician at the Organic Chemistry Department and she latter graduated at the Faculty of Pharmacy. In 1956 Gordana Boncic-Caricic accepted possition of teaching assistant but moved to the Faculty of Technology in 1962. The following professors were organic chemistry teachers during the period from sixties till ninetis: dr Vladimir Arsenijevic (Head of department, 1962-1988), dr Lucija Arsenijevic, dr Slavka Pavlov, dr Milica Bogavac, dr Danica Stefanovic and dr Eugen Klajn. While the group of prof. Arsenijevic was mainly interested in organometallic chemistry, dr Stefanovic and dr Klajn based their research around chemistry of natural products. Prof dr Nada Vukojevic was employed by the Faculty of Pharmacy in 1992 and worked at the Department of Organic Chemistry until her retirement in 1999. Since 1977 Slavisa Matic (BSc chemistry) was also member of staff, but, unfortunately, passed away in 1983.