General information

General information

Head of Department: Professor Vesna Spasojević Kalimanovska, PhD


Types of studies that are conducted at the Department:

Teaching stuff at the Department of Medical Biochemistry is engaged in conducting different types of studies: integrated academic studies for both Master of Pharmacy and Master of Pharmacy – Medical Biochemist study profiles; PhD studies of Medical Biochemistry, specialty studies in Medical Biochemistry; sub-specialty studies in Clinical Enzimology, Clinical Immunochemistry and Laboratory Endocrinology; as well as specialty academic studies in Biochemical Diagnostics.


Courses of Integrated Academic Studies that are taught at the Department:

Study program Pharmacy

Required courses:

General Biochemistry

Statistics in Pharmacy

Medical Biochemistry

Elective courses:

Selected Chapters in General Biochemistry (Study program 2013.)

Laboratory Diagnostics of Metabolism Disorders

Study program Pharmacy – Medical Biochemistry

Required courses:

Introduction to Medical Biochemistry

General Biochemistry

Medical Biochemistry



Laboratory Hematology

Clinical Enzimology

Laboratory Hemostasis (Study program 2013.)

Laboratory Endocrinology (Study program 2013.)

Laboratory Statistics

Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics I

Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics II

Professional Practice

Elective courses:

Application of Information Technologies in Medical Biochemistry

Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Diseases

Laboratory Diagnostics of Endocrinopathies of Reproductive System

Laboratory Diagnostics of Thrombophilias (Study program 2013.)

Prenatal Diagnostics and Screening in Pregnancy

Biochemistry of Sport (Study program 2013.)


The activities carried out at the Department:

Activities of the Department of Medical Biochemistry include educational and professional duties, as well as scientific research. Through theoretical and practical classes held by teaching staff of the Department, students gain knowledge about metabolic processes in humans and biochemical basis of human diseases. During the courses, students are introduced with vide variety of methods and techniques that are applied in clinical chemistry laboratories and become competent for assessment and validation of biochemical tests.

Scientific research at the Department is conducted through several projects financed by Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia and include broad spectrum of scientific topics. The Department successfully collaborates with many institutions in Serbia and abroad and participates in several international scientific projects.