General information

Head of Department: Professor Mira  Čakar, PhD

Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry Integrated academic studies performed studies Pharmacy and Pharmacy - Medical Biochemistry and PhD Studies - Module Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The activities carried out at the Department:

• General and Inorganic Chemistry, a compulsory subject for both study programs

• Chemistry of solutions, an elective subject of study`s program - Pharmacy

The Department is carried out theoretical and practical classes, colloquia, exams, seminars, consultations, and final works on integrated studies. Within the PhD studies carried out teaching of elective Protolytic balance (Pharmaceutical chemistry - methods of structural analysis).

In the science-research work teachers and staff in the Department are involved in the study of different areas: physical and chemical characterization of pharmacologically active substances, chemistry of complex compounds, kinetic of chemical reactions, chemical equilibrium, chromatography.

Department members realize scientific and technical cooperation with institutions in the country (Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Institute for Nuclear Research "Vinca", "Hemofarm" Vrsac) and abroad (Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana).