Jelena Savić, PhD

Jelena Savić

Position: Assistant Professor
Organizational unit: Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Address: Vojvode Stepe 450, 11221 Belgrade, Serbia
Room: 209B
Phone: +381 113951 335


Jelena Savić was born in 1983 in Smederevo, where she completed Primary school and Grammar school. She entered the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Pharmacy in school year 2002/2003 and graduated in 2008. She has been employeed at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry ever since; primarily as Teaching Associate and then as an Assistant later on in the year 2010. Ms Savic entered PhD studies in academic year 2010, Modul Pharmaceutical Chemistry. As a PhD student she been doing the scientific research within which she has been involved in the project of Ministry of Science of Republic of Serbia (172072) in the field of chemistry from 2009 till 2011. She has also participated in scientific projects of Ministry of Science of Republic of Serbia in the field of fundamental research (172041) and in scientific project in the field of technological development (34031) ever since 2011.

Within experimetal part of her doctoral thesis, Ms Savić is interested in design and synthesis of new copmounds which would exibit antiinflamatory activity, determination of their antiinflamatory activity, determination of their physico-chemical properties, examination of their inhibitory potential on enzyme cyclooxigenase...

Ms Savić has been the author or coauthor of six manuscripts and communications published in international journals or presented at national and international congresses. She orally presented her work on two Congresses with international participation.

She participates in organazing and performing practical lessons on two subjects (Pharmaceutical Chemistry II and Pharmaceutical Chemistry III) for students on integrated academic studies. She was mentor of mentor of two student’s experimental research works presented on 5th and 6th Student’s Mini Congress at University of Belgrade-Faculty of Pharmacy.

In November 2012 she was a member of Committee for Accreditation of Pharmacy Studying in English Language Program on integrated academic studies and since April 2013 she is a member of Committee for Quality Assurance at Faculty of Pharmacy.

She has atended courses: GC Troubleshooting and Understanding the Revisions to USP-Monogrph 467: Residual Solvents, Belgrade, 2011; Advanced ultra high performance liquid chromatography technique– UHPLC-techique-significance and application, Belgrade, 2011; Amalytical methods transfer HPLC_UHPLC_UPLC , Belgrade, 2010.

Ms Savić is a reveiwer of two articles in international journals: Medicinal Chemistry and British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.

Jelena Savić speaks English and understands German language.

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  • Savić J, Brborić J, Dilber S, Vladimirov S. Docking studies of 3-hydroxy-3-arylpropionic acids as potentially selective COX-2 inhibitors. 8th International Conference of the Chemical Societies of the South-East European Countries, Beograd, Jun 2013.