Predrag Jovanović, PhD

Dipl. hem Miloš Petković

Position: Assitant Professor
Organizational unit: Department of Organic Chemistry
Room: A100
Phone: +381 11 3951235


Predrag Jovanovic was born on 23.2.1985. in Uzice, where he finished primary school and Medical High School. Enrolled at the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade in the 2004/05 year, and graduated 2008. He was awardedfor the best student of Faculty of Chemistry for the year 2007/08 and also awarded by B.EN.A. for high performance at studies in Faculty, after competition among the students of Chemistry Faculites of Serbia (Third award, Thessaliki, 2007.).

He attends Doctoral academic studies since 2008. At the beginning, he worked on isolation and characterization of compounds from plants and determining their activities. His experimental work for doctoral dissertation is in the field of organic synthesis. Main area of ​​interest are organocatalysis, synthesis of natural products and the determination of their activities.

Since 2010. year he was a teaching associate at the Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy. In 2012, he was elected for teaching assistant position. He participates in practical and consultative teaching in obligatory subjects Organic Chemistry I (MF), Organic Chemistry II (MF), Bioorganic Chemistry (MF-MB), Organic Chemistry (MF-MB), as well as an elective subject Practicum in organic chemistry. In student surveys during the 2010-2013 year was graded higher than 4.58/5.00. He is a member of the committees for graduate theses.

He has published a total of two research papers in international journals and one presentation at national scientific meetings.

  • Miroslav M. Novaković, Snežana M. Stevanović, Stanislava Z. Gorjanović, Predrag M. Jovanović, Vele V. Tešević, Miodrag A. Jankoviđ, i Desanka Ž. Sušnjević, Changes of Hydrogen Peroxide and Radical-Scavenging Activity of Raspberry during Osmotic, Convective, and Freeze-Drying, Journal of Food Science, 2011, 76, 4.

  • Tanja Narančić, Jelena Radivojević, Predrag Jovanović, Đorđe Francuski, Miljan Bigović, Veselin Maslak, Vladimir Savić, Branka Vasiljević, Kevin E. O’Connor, Jasmina Nikodinović-Runić, Highly efficient Michael-type addition of acetaldehyde to β-nitrostyrenes by whole resting cells of Escherichia coli expressing 4-oxalocrotonate tautomerase, Bioresource Technology 2013, 142, 462-468.

  • Predrag M. Jovanović, Branka M. Ivković, Vladimir Savić, Cristina Suteu, Vele V. Tešević, Zorana Tokić Vujošević, Polisupstituisani derivati pirolidina u organokatalizi, 50 Savetovanje Srppskog hemijskog društva, Beograd 2012.