Study program Pharmacy - Medical Biochemistry

Programs accredited in 2013

Programs accredited in 2008

Students who have successfully completed study program Pharmacy - Medical Biochemistry are qualified for the following:

  1. Independent work in biochemical, toxicological and sanitary laboratories;
  2. Developing and implementing different methods and techniques aimed at defining different biochemical parameters in the biological material;
  3. Interpreting biochemical parameters and their changes as affected by diseases, medicines, toxic substances and food;
  4. Control of the quality and safety of food and dietetic products, air and environment;
  5. Quality and quantity analysis and toxicological risk assessment for environmental pollutants;
  6. Poisoning prevention and diagnostics, proposing therapy measures based on cooperation with other healthcare professionals;
  7. Participation in the work of regulatory bodies on issuing and implementation of laws and bylaws and in research and surveys of the practices in place, in order to ensure normal functioning and constant improvement of healthcare system and public health;
  8. Work on developing and applying appropriate analytical methods and techniques in laboratories and centres for science and research, development, control, in different fields of pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences;
  9. Take part in training and education and in continuing further scientific development and lifelong learning.