Specialist academic studies programs

Study programs of specialist academic studies organised by the Faculty may be enrolled by applicants under the requirements laid down by the Rulebook on specialist academic studies, and in accordance with the Law on Higher Education and the Rulebook issued by the University.


The first year of specialist academic studies may be enrolled by applicants who have completed undergraduate academic and diploma academic studies or integrated academic studies acquiring at least 300 ECTS credits, i.e. the Faculty of Pharmacy and other faculties as specified by the given study program.

Programs accredited in 2013

  •    Pharmaceutical health care (Director: Prof. Branislava Miljković, PhD)
  •    Pharmaceutical management and marketing (Director: Prof. Valentina Marinković, PhD)
  •    Pharmacoeconomics and pharmaceutical legislation (Director: Prof. Zorana Jelić-Ivanović, PhD)
  •    Cosmetology (Director: Prof. Gordana Vuleta, PhD)
  •    Industrial pharmacy (Director: Prof. Zorica Đurić, PhD)


Programs accredited in 2012


Specialist academic studies

  •    Biochemical diagnostics (Director: Prof. Zorana Jelić Ivanović, PhD)
  •    Biological medicines (Director: Prof. Nevena Arsenijević Ranin, PhD)
  •    Pharmacotherapy in pharmaceutical practice (Director: Ass. Prof. Maja Tomić, PhD)
  •    Toxicological risk assessment for environmental pollutants (Director: Prof. Biljana Antonijević, PhD)


Program accredited in 2011


Specialist academic studies-Pharmacy 3

  • Releasing medicines onto the market (Director: Prof. Mira Zečević PhD)