General information

Enrolment into integrated academic studies

Integrated academic studies last for five years, i.e. ten semesters. Two study programs are organised:

  • Pharmacy,
  • Pharmacy – Medical Biochemistry.

On passing all the planned examination and after successfully presenting their final paper, the students get 300 ECTS credits and acquire the title of Master of Pharmacy or Master of Pharmacy – Medical Biochemist.

Admission requirements

The number of students enrolled in the first year of integrated academic studies is in line with the number defined by the Republic of Serbia Government, upon the proposal made by the Academic Council of the Faculty, and the number includes

  • students whose education is funded from the budget;
  • students who pay tuition fees – self-funded students.

Persons with secondary education in the duration of four years, provided they meet the Call for Applications requirements, may be enrolled in the first year of integrated academic studies. Enrolment in the first year of both major groups of courses is carried out based on the Call for Applications, in accordance with the Law.

In order for the Call for Applications to be conducted, Dean appoints the Enrolment Commission. The Commission has five members from the ranks of teaching staff and associates. The tasks of the Commission include verifying whether the applicants meet the admission requirements, general academic achievements of the applicants in secondary education, the results achieved at the entrance examination, and the ranking list of applicants for enrolment in the first year.

Vice-Dean in charge of teaching coordinates the activities of the Enrolment Commission with the work of Section for Teaching and Student Issues and has full responsibility for these matters.

After the Call for Applications has been published, the applicant is to submit original documents (or certified photocopies); photocopies of the following documents are to be attached to the application form for a particular study program:

  • certificate on completed secondary school,
  • end-year certificates for all four years of secondary school,
  • birth certificate, and
  • proof of payment for taking the entrance examination.

After the application has been submitted, the candidate is to take entrance examinations in mathematics and chemistry, as studied in the curriculum of academically-oriented secondary schools (high schools or “gimnazije”) offering general education.

Applicants who achieved extraordinary success as third year or fourth year secondary school students (one of the top three places) at national competitions organised by the Ministry of Education and Sports, are not required to take the entrance examination in the relevant subject; instead, they will be granted the maximum number of points that can be earned at the entrance examination in that subject.

The ranking of applicants for enrolment in the first year is determined based on the number of points accorded to the general scholastic achievement (average mark) in secondary education and the results achieved at the entrance examination.

An applicant may receive the maximum of 40 points based on his/her average mark in secondary education, and may be awarded the maximum of 40 points at the entrance examination. The Enrolment Commission publishes the ranking list of admitted applicants and the students confirmed by the Enrolment Commission are entitled to enrol.

Admission of the Republic of Serbia nationals having completed their secondary education abroad will take place in September. Such candidates are enrolled in the Faculty subject to a special ranking list, and under the quota defined as 2% of the number of students enrolled and funded by the Budget, or the number of students paying the tuition fees themselves, where the status of Budget-funded students may be granted to the applicants achieving at least the number of points as the last ranking student on the list in June application period, and the status of the self-funded student may be granted to the applicants with at least the number of points as the last ranking students on the June application period list.

Members of Serbian minority from neighbouring countries may receive education in the Republic of Serbia from higher education institutions under the same terms and requirements as the nationals of the Republic of Serbia, including the right for their tuition fees to be funded from the Budget. When responding to the Call for Applications they need to enclose to their applications also the validated (nostrified) school documents, or a certificate stating that nostrification/validation process of the required school documents has started. The applicants with documents of the Republic of Srpska and former Republic of Srpska Krajina may apply without nostrification. As referred to in this paragraph, the neighbouring countries are Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro. Higher education institutions have the obligation to accept applications by all interested candidates on these grounds during both application periods. Applicants are to confirm their national affiliation by way of a written statement.


Persons applying under the Call for Applications may raise an objection to the regularity of the procedure defined by the Call for Applications if they find that the ranking order of the applicants in the single ranking list has not been determined in the manner defined by the Call. Such a complaint may be submitted to the Enrolment Commission within the time period defined by the Activity Schedule. The Enrolment Commission shall issue a decision with regard to such a complaint.

In case the applicant is not satisfied with the decision of the Enrolment Commission, he/she may file a complaint to the Dean of the Faculty within the deadline defined by the Activity Schedule. The Dean shall decide on the complaint against the Enrolment Commission decision. The Dean’s decision shall be final.

Admission of Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals may receive education in the Republic of Serbia under the same requirements as the Republic of Serbia nationals. Foreign nationals finance their education themselves. The amount of tuition fees for the academic year 2013/2014 is EUR 3,300. When applying under the Call for Applications, the candidates are to submit the nostrified certificate on completing secondary education in the duration of four years. When enrolling, the candidates shall supply evidence of the following:

  • health insurance for the academic year they are enrolling,
  • knowledge of the language of the studies, which is proved by a certificate issued by the authorised commission,
  • document showing that they are foreign nationals.