Study program (modules of doctoral studies)

Doctoral academic studies take place through courses that by its modern contents provide students with the possibility to advance their existing knowledge acquired in different pharmaceutical areas. Scientific research of the student related to a scientific problem results in scientific papers being published in renowned international journals for the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

Study program for doctoral academic studies in pharmaceutical sciences is in line with the recognised European educational programs in pharmacy.

Programs accredited in 2013


   Doctoral studies curriculum and syllabus

   Drug analysis (Director: Ass. Prof. Biljana Stojanović PhD)

   Bromatology (Director: Prof. Slađana Šobajić PhD)

   Pharmaceutical chemistry (Director: Prof. Danica Agbaba PhD)

   Pharmaceutical microbiology (Director: Prof. Jelena Antić Stanković PhD)

   Pharmaceutical technology (Director: Prof. Svetlana Ibrić PhD)

   Pharmacognosy (Director: Prof. Nada Kovačević PhD)

   Pharmacokinetics and clinical pharmacy (Director: Prof. Branislava Miljković PhD)

   Pharmacology (Director: Prof. Miroslav Savić PhD)

   Cosmetology (Director: Prof. Snežana Savić PhD)

   Medical biochemistry (Director: Prof. Zorana Jelić Ivanović PhD)

   Social pharmacy and pharmacy practice research (Director: Prof. Ljiljana Tasić PhD)

   Toxicology (Director: Prof. Vesna Matović PhD)


Programs accredited in 2008


   Doctoral academic studies modules:

   Medical biochemistry (Director: Slavica Spasić PhD)

   Pharmacology (Director: Miroslav Savić PhD)

   Pharmaceutical chemistry (Director: Danica Agbaba PhD)

   Pharmacognosy (Director: Nada Kovačević PhD)

   Pharmacokinetics and clinical pharmacy (Director: Branislava Miljković PhD)

   Pharmaceutical technology (Director: Svetlana Ibrić PhD)

   Cosmetology (Director: Snežana Savić PhD)

   Bromatology (Director: Slađana Šobajić PhD)

   Toxicology (Director: Vesna Matović PhD)

   Pharmaceutical microbiology (Director: Jelena Antić Stanković PhD)

   Social pharmacy and pharmacy practice research (Director: Ljiljana Tasić PhD)


You may find more details in the Rulebook on doctoral studies that regulates the requirements, manner and procedure for admission and enrolment, studying, taking examinations and presenting doctoral dissertations at doctoral academic studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy.