Mr ph Dušan Ružić

Position: teaching assistent
Organizational unit: Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Address: Vojvode Stepe 450, 11221 Belgrade, Serbia
Room: 207
Phone: +381 11 3951-259
Fax: +381 11 397-43-49

Dusan Ruzic was born on June 29, 1990, in Čačak. He graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University in Belgrade in 2014 with grade point average (GPA) 9.82 out of 10.0. He defended his graduate thesis at the Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade (Prof. Vladimir Savić, PhD, supervisor) and obtained the title of Master of Pharmacy. He was awarded the annual award "Professor Dr Ivan Berkeš" for the best pharmacy student (generation 2009-2014).

He enrolled in doctoral academic studies in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the 2014/15 school year at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade and he is currently completing the doctoral thesis (Prof. Katarina Nikolić, PhD, supervisor). Since March 2015, he was employed as a Graduate Researcher, then as a Research Associate on the project of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. From December 2019 he has been employed as a Teaching Assistant at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Dušan Ružić participated as an Associate Researcher at the international COST action, EpiChemBio (CM1406). As a part of the COST EpiChemBio action, he did doctoral training from 2016-2018 in the Laboratory of Chemical Biology, School of Pharmacy, University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom (Prof. A. Ganesan, PhD, supervisor). In November 2018, he was awarded by EpiChemBio COST Action to do research training in the laboratory for high-throughput screening and assay development at the Fraunhofer IME ScreeningPort, Hamburg, Germany. Dušan Ružić is interested in medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis and chemical biology of epigenetic modulators. He is member of the Cancer Epigenetic Society, the Serbian Association for Cancer Research and the American Association for Cancer Research.