Specialist healthcare studies programs

All the applicants who are granted approval by the Ministry of Health may enrol. Admission and enrolment of applicant in healthcare specialisations are contingent on the decision of the Ministry of Health.

The Faculty organises specialist studies as required by the healthcare system and narrower specialist studies as required by the healthcare system, in accordance with the applicable Rulebook on specialisations and narrower specialisations of healthcare workers and healthcare associates, published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No 10 of 30 January 2013, for the following programs:


  •    Clinical pharmacy (Director: Prof. Branislava Miljković, PhD)
  •    Pharmaceutical technology (Director: Prof. Marija Primorac, PhD)
  •    Pharmacotherapy (Director: Prof. Radica Stepanović-Petrović, PhD)
  •    Drug testing and control (Director: Prof. Mira Zečević, PhD)
  •    Medicinal plants control and application (Director: Ass. Prof. Tatjana Kundaković, PhD)
  •    Medical biochemistry (Director: Prof. Zorana Jelić-Ivanović, PhD)
  •    Sanitary chemistry (Director: Prof. Ivan Stanković, PhD)
  •    Social pharmacy (Director: Prof. Ljiljana Tasić, PhD)
  •    Toxicological chemistry (Director: Prof. Vesna Matović, PhD)
  •    Narrower specialisation – Clinical enzymology
  •    Narrower specialisation – Clinical immunochemistry
  •    Narrower specialisation – Laboratory endocrinology